The Dairy and Food Polytechnic offers a two and a half year program that prepares trainees for work in the dairy & food industries and related fields. The DFP technical qualification offered will be the diploma in specialized stream.

The Polytechnic will provide theoretical and practical instruction in the subjects prescribed in the course curriculum and a wide range of general industrial production and maintenance skills. It will also deliver key skills essential for graduate’s success in the modern workforce and future training and development, including English language, Mathematics, Basic Sciences, IT, Health and Safety awareness and an understanding of the current industry.

The curriculum has been designed to be achievable by the majority of trainees and reflects both the objectives of the DFP and the predicted ability of the majority of initial candidates, based on comparable polytechnics.

Training Schedule

The DFP curriculum model has six trimesters of 14 weeks each, spread over two years (35 hours per week learning).

Trimester 1 and Trimester 2 will cover the English language, Basic Sciences and Key skills programs, before the delivery of the specialty program from Trimester 3 onwards.

Trimester 3 to Trimester 6 will cover the specialized curriculum for the specific departments in the related fields.

In addition, there will be two trimesters of on-the-job training (OJT), spread over the period of six continuous months.