General Framework of DFP curriculum

The DFP curriculum consists of general courses (2 trimesters), program related courses (1-3 trimesters) and specialization related courses (1-3 trimesters), followed by an on-the-job training of 6 months (2 trimesters).

DFP offers three programmes, each with different specializations, which are as follows:

1. Dairy & Food Technology (DFT)

2. Animal Production (AP)

3. Equipment Maintenance (EM)

The course structure is as follows:

Total study load of DFP Curriculum (Hours and Credits Hours)

The academic year is subdivided into 3 trimesters of 14 weeks each, that includes 13 effective weeks for teaching-learning (lectures, practical work, training exercises) and 1 week for final exams. After every trimester there is a one week break.

The total number of credit hours of the on-campus DFP programmes (6 trimesters) will be 6 x 23 credits, which implies a total of 138 credit (or quarter) hours. In terms of study load, or teaching hours the total is 6 (trimesters) x 35 (hours) x 13 (weeks) = 2730, or 1365 on annual basis.

On-the-job training will count for 46 credit or quarter hours and 910 working hours. This is a very intensive course program and requires full commitment of the trainees.

The overall credit hours are: 138 + 46 = 184 for the entire course. Total number of teaching hours, including on the job training is 2730 + 910 = 3640 hours.

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