Department of General Curriculum offers general courses to the trainees spread across Trimester 1 and Trimester 2 with a total 46 credit hours. The courses are related to English, Computer Applications, Mathematics and Basic Sciences, besides other courses such as Business Ethics & Communication and Occupational Health & Safety.

Learning must be meaningful and in order to link the general courses to the Food Production and Processing Chain, the department insists on the project work to be executed in each of the first two trimesters.

The first project focuses on the description of the different food chains including food production, food processing, and food safety. Three chains will be highlighted: dairy, poultry, and bakery. Trainees will describe the main tasks, stakeholders, companies, etc. in each segment of the chain and analyze their interaction.

During the second project, the three chains will be explored in a more profound way. Relevant issues as Good Manufacturing Practices, technologies, quality and safety, bio-security, cost/price relations will be discussed and links will be made with their future jobs.

Department of General Curriculum also offers Applied English Courses in Trimester 3, Trimester 4 & Trimester 5 with total 14 credit hours. During this period, the focus will be on the applied level of English which is linked to the job requirements.

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