Objectives of the Qualification/ Program

The aim of this training program is to offer the opportunity to prove competence of industry performance, knowledge and understanding and to recognize the ability of trainees working in the food sector.

Description of the Qualification/ Program

The qualification was designed for learners who are working in a range of food operations roles, typically in automated production/processing companies. The qualification includes job roles such as operating, monitoring and documenting results in strict adherence to standard operating procedures.

Any Pre-requisite/ eligibility for admission

Candidates should not have entered for this qualification without following prior knowledge on:

  • Fundamentals of Arithmetic with Applications
  • Basic concepts of chemistry
  • Basic concepts of physics
  • Basic concepts of biology
  • Basic concepts of IT

Teaching Methods

  • Class Lectures
  • Projects
  • Presentations
  • On Job Training
  • Practical
  • Industrial Visits
  • Workshops

Assessment Methods

  • Theoretical Assessments (Formative and Summative)
  • Practical Assessment- in Labs and in Farm during Visits
  • On Job Training Assessment – Paper based and practical assessment
  • Projects

Duration of the Program/ Total Qualification Hours

  • Credit Hours: 158
  • DFP Guided Learning Hours/ Contact Hours: 2520
  • OJT Guided Learning Hours/ Contact Hours: 960
  • ULH Unsupervised Learning hours/ Contact Hours: 1584

Total qualification Time (TQT) : 5064

Feedbacks/ Surveys

  1. Trainee Satisfaction Feedback
  2. Graduate Satisfaction Feedback
  3. Line Manager/ Employer Feedback

Facilities and Resources

  1. Experienced and Qualified Trainers
  2. Modern State of the art Labs and Workshops
  3. Multimedia Classrooms
  4. Conducive Learning Environment
  5. Hostels/ Accommodation
  6. Counseling Services for trainees
  7. Transportation
  8. Cafeteria
  9. Sports and Recreational Activities

Head of Specialization Profile

Mohamed Ibrahim Elmalik
He got his PHD and MSC from Dept. of Grain Science & Industry, Kansas State University, USA  in 1985 and 1983. He worked as a LM/Bakery & Pastry Technologies of DFP from 2017 to present. He also worked for Nutrifoods Trading Enterprises, Khartoum and Elmlook Bakeries Khartoum, Sudan.