Department of Equipment Maintenance offers common course in the field of Farm & Production equipment maintenance to the trainees spread across Trimester 3, Trimester 4 & Trimester 5. During this period, the focus will be on developing the basic and advanced skills of the trainees in terms of maintenance of the equipment.

The department offers courses such as

1. Basic Principles of Equipment Maintenance & Industrial Safety
2. Principles of Cooling & Heating Systems
3. Principles of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems
4. Quality Assurance & Hygiene
5. Principles of Electronics & Electricity
6. Principles of Mechanics & Transmission
7. Principles of Electro Pneumatic Controlling
8. Principles of Engines
9. Applied Electronics & Electricity
10. Applied Hydraulics
11. Applied Mechanics – Transmission & Engines
13. Computer Controlled Systems, etc.

During Trimester 6, Department of Equipment Maintenance offers two specialized courses to the trainees in the following specializations in order to have focused learning and expertise in the respective stream.

1. Maintenance of Farm Equipment
2. Maintenance of Industrial Equipment